The Auberge „ZUR GEUL“


The Auberge “Zur Geul” is an old bluestone house in the heart of Hauset. At the time of Napoleon it was used as a post office. Over the centuries, our house became as bakery and a tavern, being a synonym for hospitality. The house was used as a bakery, a restaurant and a dance hall with a stage. On the numerous small terraces, cakes and Strammer Max (name of various sandwiches in German cuisine) were being served, deck chairs were rented. People could relax on the banks of the Geul.

In 2002 my wife and I bought the property and rebuilt it according to our ideas for a cozy restaurant. On October 13th, 2003 we opened the new Auberge “Zur Geul”.

Since 2009, we are also offering a fully furnished 45m² apartment. In 2009 it has been awarded with 3 Épis Country Cottage (Belgium) and 3 DTV stars (Germany).